Potatoes and Savoy Cabbage

This is such a super easy recipe, but I was utterly amazed by how delicious it was!
I got both the potatoes and the savoy cabbage in my vegbox one week (and I realised I’d never cooked cabbage before…), so I made up this recipe, and then ate it for three days straight because it was just so yummy (maybe because the potatoes were organic… don’t know, but those potatoes were amazing!… and I don’t normally say those things about potatoes… I’m not that weird 😛 )

The Recipe

some large potatoes
some cabbage leaves
salt, pepper, paprika (optional), olive oil, (balsamic) vinegar

Chop the potatoes into thick slices (or cubes if you prefer), toss them with the olive oil and spice, and put in the oven (I left them for about 20 mins at about 200C, sorry didn’t make a note of this). While they’re baking, chop the cabbage into thick stips (say 3 cm wide), place in pot with a little water and simmer the water for about 5 mins or until the cabbage gets a little tender. Once the potatoes are done, toss the (dried, tender-ish) cabbage leaves and potatoes with some more oil and vinegar – and enjoy.