About this Blog

Hello there,

I’m so glad you’re visiting this blog!

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that combines the various areas of my life, what’s the thread running though it – and I realised that it’s a desire for seeking sustainability, balance, and contentment – both within myself and with my surroundings. I realise that this might sound a bit hippy and I’m ok with that, though I prefer to just think of myself as someone who’s connected to Nature (with a capital N 🙂 )…
I’d like to go on a journey to explore what sustainability can look like in my life – I don’t mean to speak for anybody else or give anybody the impression that they must follow this path – and I’m using this blog to share my thoughts, reflections, struggles and insights.

You’re very welcome to enjoy reading about my journey, and I’d like to encourage you to find your own path to seek your own sustainability.

Much love,


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