Going shopping at Unpackaged & 5p Plastic Bag Charges

When I first started learning about zero waste and striving for minimal plastic, I looked around for shops where I could buy food etc with no/minimal packaging (and made a list of all the food items I could think of)

One shop I came across online was Unpackaged in London. So when I recently took a trip down there, I decided to “pop” by (ok, it was a 90-minute return detour – but that’s alright 😉 ).
It was so great to have not only “standard” things like dried fruit and nuts, but also refill stations for dish washing liquid, all purpose cleaner, fabric softener (they also have refill stations for wine, but as someone who doesn’t drink I was more excited about being able to fill my glass bottles with cleaning liquids 🙂 ), as well as things like muesli (which I can buy in my hometown too though), various types of grains and pulses (red lentils, put lentils, white, brown and Risotte rice, white, red, and black quinoa, beans), or popcorn (of which only about half a jar is left, because… have you ever heard the cacophony of noises a pot makes when you make popcorn on a stove?! Also: it’s yummy! :P)Unpackaged

Et voilà the fruits of my adventures:

Glass bottles refilled with all purpose cleaner and washing up liquid. Glass jars with vegan chocolate buttons, popping corn, and quinoa. And cloth bags filled with chickpeas and coconut slices (one of my favourite snacks 🙂 ).

On another – though no less awesome – note: last Monday (5th Oct) a compulsory 5p charge has been introduced in England for the use of plastic bags in supermarkets (though some exceptions apply)! *wheee* It was so great to go shopping the other day and see loads of people with bags-for-life! And it made me so happy to think that the generation of kids that are only little now will always associate shopping with bringing your own bags now (I hope)…

So, overall a good week for plastic-free-ness 🙂


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