A Bathroom Less Plastic

Thinking about the “low-hanging fruits”, the things I can easily do in my life, when it comes to reducing plastic, I realised that an easy place to start would be the bathroom: shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, shower gel bottles, tooth paste tubes… the list goes on.
But is there even an alternative? I’d never heard of shampoo that doesn’t come in a plastic bottle… and while I had heard about the “no-poo” movement, not using some sort of cleaning product on my hair just seemed a little too out there for me at this point :). But there is: both shampoo and conditioner can be bought in solid form! I learned that the shampoo we normally buy in bottles is actually the “watered” version of such solid shampoo bars and that hence those bars would last a lot longer than their relatively small size would suggest – which kinda seems obvious but is one of those things I’d never thought about until now. It also means that I’m only buying the thing itself, and not the version that has water added – which I’m quite happy to do myself…

So finally a few days ago I made it into town and bought my first shampoo bar and conditioner, as well as – didn’t know this existed either, but it’s again the same principle – toothy tabs (i.e. “tooth paste” in chewable and brushable tablet form) at Lush, which seems to have since become my favourite toiletries shop: they’re very aware of recycling and reducing waste, and most of their products, as far as I am aware, either come in recyclable plastic boxes, or in glass boxes, or in “naked” (i.e. no) packaging. Also, none of their things have been tested on animals, which is another bonus in my books 🙂

Lush Toiletries
My toiletries: toothy tabs, home made lavender deodorant (recipe to follow; in one of their tester boxes), face cream, colour supplement, and mascara.
My hair toiletries: some very lemon-y smelling shampoo bar (the round tin), and conditioner.
My hair toiletries: some very lemon-y smelling shampoo bar (the round tin), and conditioner.

2 thoughts on “A Bathroom Less Plastic

  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to this Steph! I don’t have the mental stamina to make any big lifestyle changes at the moment (I’m still adapting to going vegan!) but I will attempt to be more conscious of my plastic use in future.


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